9 West 57th Street | New York City

Without any significant food service operations, Apollo retained Davella Studios, to advise as to the level and type of food service amenity that would best correlate to Apollo’s demographics and culture. Initially, Davella Studios provided an intensive programming effort and presenting several scenarios to elicit feedback and help shape this new offering. In order to maximize menu flexibility and reinforce fresh, restaurant quality meals, Davella Studios recommended and designed a staff restaurant with an open display kitchen that maximized efficiency, customer/chef interaction and limited customer wait times. Fresh foods are displayed to allow customers to select from daily specials or request full customization. For those customers pressed for time, pre-packaged items are displayed in vertical merchandisers. Additionally, we positioned a full-service coffee bar, opposite reception and at the base of the conference center, to capture staff and visitors alike. The design celebrates a robust coffee program featuring onsite baristas during the day and transitions to a full-service cocktail bar in the evening. Finally, Davella Studios, represented Apollo during a food service operator RFP and ensured the selected candidate understands and fulfills Apollo’s food service vision on a daily basis.


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