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Davella Studios specializes in strategic planning and operations consulting for the restaurant and food service industry. We approach each project as a collaboration, always driven by our four guiding principles:


Food is our passion. Our founder, James Davella, was professionally trained in the culinary arts and has worked as a chef himself. This fusion of foodie mentality and specialized expertise allows us to deliver solutions that unite your patrons with memorable culinary experiences as well as maximize the productivity and success of your operation.


We deliver comprehensive expertise in the food service industry, positively impacting every step of your project—from conception to opening to thriving enterprise. For our clients, this equates to a consistent and continuous vision, reduced design time and fewer opportunities for coordination breakdown—all of which greatly minimize project costs.


Just as the line has blurred between the front-of-house and back-of-house—thanks to stunning show kitchens, spectacular buffets and the like—the divide between food service and architecture begs to be bridged. As experienced restaurant professionals, our culinary design solutions perfectly blend form and function to streamline your operation and delight your customers.


We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in restaurants, hotels, corporations, higher education and other enterprises which count excellent food service as a critical element of their success. Never satisfied with the now, we look at every project as an opportunity to deliver cutting-edge ideas, brand-new approaches and groundbreaking concepts in both operating techniques and industry technology.


We focus on our clients’ needs, presenting them with new ideas, new approaches and the very latest in restaurant consulting and design. As a trusted team member, we offer a system of checks and balances with respect to food service equipment selection, placement, purchase and installation. Throughout every step of the project, we’ll be right by your side, always listening to you, guiding you and advocating for you.


We do not compete with architects and interior designers and we do not sell food service equipment.