New York, NY

When SONY decided to relocate from 550 Madison Avenue, Davella Studios provided programming and strategic planning to help identify the level of staff amenity for the new office location. Our team worked directly with both SONY’s corporate group and STUDIOS Architecture throughout the design process. The unique bow-tie shaped building created many challenges and opportunities for the food service program. Particularly, in the areas of receiving, operations and seating. Floor 28 includes three distinct dining options, including a 210-seat full-service cafeteria for all employees, a 70-seat dining room known as “Cafe 35,” and a 65-seat “SONY Club” for executive dining. The cafeteria features several visible cooking platforms to engage customers and moveable service counters to allow for larger floor space for town hall meetings. Cafe 35 and the SONY Club both share a full-service restaurant kitchen complete with custom made cooking suite and sushi station. Finally, at the top of a monumental staircase on 28, we positioned a Barista Bar serving crafted espresso drinks and light fare.


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